Wheelchair Assessment Process

What you need to know

If you think you might need a wheelchair, please contact your GP or healthcare professional. They will decide if you can be referred to the relevant service. Eligibility applies to wheelchair provision.

If the healthcare professional feels you fit into the low-needs category you will be assessed in the community and offered a Personal Wheelchair Budget (PWB): you can choose from a standard NHS wheelchair that will be provided via GIS or you can take the PWB to put towards a wheelchair of your choice from a private wheelchair supplier.

If your healthcare professional feels you fit into the medium-high category you will be referred to the wheelchair service. The assessment process usually starts with a telephone conversation to check eligibility before offering a face to face clinic assessment.  A personal wheelchair budget will be offered if clinically appropriate.

A Personal Wheelchair Budget (PWB) download PWB Leaflet

A Personal Wheelchair Budget is a sum of money that the NHS would have spent to enable wheelchair users in Gloucestershire to receive a wheelchair that meets their clinical needs, and is personalised to the user. You will have a chance to think about your outcomes in your Personal Wheelchair Support Plan. A Wheelchair Therapist will provide guidance on your clinical needs, discuss your daily activities, plans for the future, how your wheelchair can be personalised to enable you to meet your outcomes and how your PWB can help you with this.

Personal Wheelchair Support Plan PWB Support Plan

Before your wheelchair appointment you will be asked to fill in a Personal Wheelchair Support Plan which will be sent to you with other documents explaining the process. This document will help you to identify your outcomes, which will enable you find the right wheelchair.

Don’t worry if you don’t know all the answers as you will discuss it further with your therapist at the appointment.

You or your carer or guardian can complete the Personal Wheelchair Support Plan. If you require alternative support, the Drop-In Centres listed on the right can help with filling in the Support Plan.

A typical adult wheelchair lasts 5 years; for children changes are needed more often as they grow, typically every 2 -3 years.

There are some conditions where wheelchair needs can change quickly, so if your circumstances change or you need a review, please get in touch.

All the documents that you will be sent can also be found on this page. If you lose your Personal Wheelchair Support Plan you can print one off from this page.